MEGA’s First at PCTA Con

cable show

This year's PCTA 2019 Cable Convention theme is Internet Exchange: Let's Get It On! PCTA aims to put into realization that it is possible for the organization and its members to go beyond Cable Television and offer internet services. With the advent of technology, these things are not anymore possible.

In the existence of the new trend of providing more than just cable television services, Mega Speed is very thrilled about it and joined the convention as an exhibitor. We offered and featured the Triple Play System, our products and the services we offer to clients. We strongly promote that we go extra miles for our clients. We emphasize our 12 Months Warranty Policy, the offering of Free After Sales Services and Technology Transfer Program. The Technology Transfer Program is a unique intiative that focuses on teaching the ICT Personnel or Experts of clients on how to use and work with the system provided by Mega Speed.

Aside from promoting the company, the convention was a good avenue to develop and establish relationship among potential clients. We were very happy that there were several other companies who showed their time and interest in building relationship with us.

In summary, the event was indeed a huge success and our sincere congratulations to the organizers. It was such an honor for Mega Speed ICT Solutions, Inc. to be part of the exhibition.

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