CISCO Bootcamp!


Another year for a never ending process of learning. CISCO conducted a Bootcamp for its clientele last June 06, 2019. The said activity was held at Harold's Hotel in Lahug City, Cebu.

With the invitation from CISCO, Mega Speed sent their Chief Technical Officer and the Marketing Manager. The event was about re-introducing what CISCO could offer to its clients. The participating clients were divided into two groups. One is focused on the technicalities of the products of CISCO and the other group focuses on proper sales of the product. This strategy is done to visualize/realize a participative learning during the boot camp.

An exam was as well conducted online with all the participating clients. Mega's representatives were able to pass the exam and got their certifications. To strengthen the relationship between Mega Speed and CISCO, the former then registered via CISCO online to formally register as CISCO's partner.

As a whole, the event was a success, with all the participating clients passing the exam.

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